What are the benefits of a Managed Print Service?

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Printing/Copying remains an everyday necessity for most organizations – and yet if it’s not managed properly it can prove to be a huge drain on resources and productivity.

Sadly, many organizations fit into this category and as such unnecessarily waste huge amounts of time and money on printing/copying. Many don’t realize the true cost of printing/copying or lack the expertise to do anything about it resulting in a negative impact on the organization.

What does MPS do for you?

Superior Business Solution’s Managed Print Service will help you bring things back in check:

Reduced print costs of as much as 30%

Reduce Printing CostsWe can unlock both immediate and long-term savings for your business by simply reducing inefficiencies. To begin with, we will work out exactly what printing/copying is currently costing you and then point out what savings can be realized without impacting productivity – more than likely improving it.

Accurate and transparent reporting of costs

Many businesses don’t accurately know the financial impact of printing/copying. With reporting you’ll always know how your organization is using printing and exactly what it is costing. This also means that you can see where further efficiency gains and improvements can be made, delivering both immediate and long-term cost savings.

Improved productivity – and the freedom to not worry about printing

One of the main benefits of our Managed Print Service is that it enables you and your team to concentrate on running your business, without worrying about printing/copying. We can take care of everything to do with printing/copying, including supplying toner, servicing of equipment, submitting meter readings and replacing equipment when appropriate, giving you more time to do what you’re good at. In addition we can provide you with a print environment that gives you improved workflow and facilitates productivity, whilst making communication easier.

Increased security

Security threats are of increasing concern to organizations and it is essential to have peace of mind that your documents are secure and protected from people who shouldn’t be seeing them – whether that’s internal or external threats. Our Managed Print Service can identify areas for improvement and help you to protect your information, whilst aiding compliance.

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